How to Create Anonymous Playlists on YouTube

After reading Amit Agarwal’s post on how to create a YouTube playlist without signing in, I decided to try his URL hack technique for myself, and then went on to embed my newly-created YouTube playlist in a blog post by using a shortcode.

Building the Playlist

  1. First, I copied and pasted a list of links to the videos I wanted to add to my playlist:

  2. Next, I had to make a comma-separated list of the video IDs (the string of characters after the equals (=) sign in the URLs listed above):

  3. And then I appended the list to this URL:

    (use https:// and not http://, as I found out the hard way) which resulted in this long URL:,_htxLyl9pqg,9VUV6bqP7iw,XUjAtYQkFm8,Gk4vLPQptg8

    (which I bookmarked in case I wanted to make changes to the playlist in future) and then I pasted the URL into my browser’s address bar and pressed <Enter>.

  4. The page loaded and YouTube changed the URL to:

    And that’s the URL for my playlist!

  5. Embedding the playlist in a blog post was easy thanks to the YouTube shortcode. I simply added this line to a new blog post:


    And there it was! 😎

Pros & Cons

Playlists created using this technique have the advantage of not being associated with any YouTube channel or Google account (ie, they are anonymous). Links to such playlists can be shared by email or on the web just as with conventional playlists. 😄

Otoh, there is no way to assign a title to an “anonymous” playlist, and they may only contain a maximum of 20 videos. 😞

The End Result

And finally, here’s my playlist to try out for yourself…

Happy listening! 🎵

This is a shortcode i\\hbar\\frac{\\partial}{\\partial t}\\left|\\Psi(t)\\right>=H\\left|\\Psi(t)\\right> test.


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